The Emperor’s Dress

With our Physical World constrained by the global pandemic, our digital identity expands, making our presence in the social media and online spaces a central axis for our identities and moving cyber fashion from a limited utility creation media to a real option for designers and brands to keep creating and showcasing their art. With this fashion editorial, I wanted to explore the potential of this new way of creating fashion in collaboration with eight digital fashion designers and artists. This series of self-portraits bring me from my studio in a basement in locked-down Spain to places that we can now only visit with imagination, From a rooftop in Paris to the bottom of The Ocean, dressed in graphic generated garments that only exist on the images.

Editorial Published in Kaltblut Magazine

Project Details

  • Project Type: Personal
  • Category: Digital Fashion
  • Team Size: 8
  • Role: Art Director & Photographer
  • Se More: here